Father and Son – Heart Touching Story

This is Heart Touching Story about how Father and Son Deal with each other, This will make you think about your parents deeply.

Father and Son - Heart Touching Story

Let’s Start

There used to be a Boy whose name is Varun and he used to take care of the old father. Varun lost his mother at the age of 10.

Varun’s father who used to love Varun very much had brought up his child by working very hard. Day by day Varun’s father started earning money from farming and Varun got the opportunity for higher studies.

He studied well and got placed in one of the best company in town. Varun had to take his father along with him because of ill health.

Varun’s father who used to work very hard but he is not ready to go along Varun. But relatives and well-wishers made both son and father go to town.

Father Got Sick - Heart Touching Story

After some days Varun father who was already sick is getting more sick. Varun used to serve his father all the things needed.

But Varun used to think that his individual life is now not happy to be with his father. Day by day Varun started ignoring his father.

Varun father knowing the ignorance and arrogance in son’s behavior and wanted to leave his son and go to the Village. Varun’s father finally took the decision to leave Varun and go to the village.

But thought to hide this from Varun as he will be hurt. So Varun father thought let Varun know and leaving Varun the next morning.

Short Story About Friendship

In the evening once Varun came home told the father that he wanted to take him for an outing. Varun’s father was happy and quickly got up from the bed. Varun took his father for a walk.

Varun made up his mind to take his father to a long distance and leave him. Varun’s father who was picking up all the wood sticks which were aside from the road and leaving them for every couple of steps on the road.


Varun who doesn’t know what the old man was doing. Varun asked his father about the woods. Varun’s father smiled slightly and

Said “My dear son when you are Kid I used to do the same. If you, unfortunately, miss the way you can easily get the path through this woods.

So, if you miss the path now you can easily get the way. Once you leave me you will become alone. So I don’t want my son to search for the road.”

Then Varun realized that the father knows everything. Varun hugged his father tightly and cried out. Father was too much sad for the tears in the eyes of Varun.

After that Varun had taken care of his father as a little baby. Varun father felt happy for his son. The days went on with the smiles on each other faces.

Father and Son - Heart Touching Story

Moral of Story: You may have to think about your parents once. As they are the ones who have sacrificed their life for you. Never leave your parents. They are the only ones who do everything without expecting anything.

They may hard at words but definitely, they are soft at heart. Hoping that you will get a note of this story and take care of your parents.

Thanks for Reading Father and Son – Heart Touching Story. Hope you like this short Father and son story. Please comment below and let’s know about.

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Father and Son - Heart Touching Story
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